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Introduction to Beekeeping
23 October 2022
Start at: 12:00pm
Jude's Place (Haddon)
Lead:         Peter Debicki
Support:  Jude Porteous
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$ 180.00
$ 220.00

This course will teach you about bee biology, setting up and managing your first hive/s, biosecurity and dealing with bee diseases, season beekeeping tasks and much more.  It’s for beginners as well as those who have begun their beekeeping journey and need to know more.  Guided by two experienced beekeepers, you can observe and discuss live bees at work in ‘open hive' situations (weather - dependent of course).  A great foundation upon which to start or enrich your beekeeping journey.


The training session takes approximately 4 - 4.5 hours depending on conditions and location.

References Used
  1. Apiary Code of Practice (
  2. Biosecurity Code of Practice

Ag Victoria website is very useful -


Personal protective equipment includes;

  1. Jacket or full suit
  2. Hive tool
  3. Gloves
  4. Smoker

If the participant doesn't have all these items, please advise when registering what you need and the club may be able to help with loan equipment.

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