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American FoulBrood (AFB)

There is no shame in getting AFB or even asking if you suspect AFB – it is more than likely to happen at some point in your beekeeping experiences but the quicker we act the better for our other hives and hives that others nearby have too. BRB recommends the following two helpful articles by Agriculture Victoria:

What to do if you detect or suspect AFB

Control and eradication of AFB

Destruction of AFB affected beehive

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has issued a permit which allows Victorian beekeepers and Victorian Department of Primary Industries officers to use unleaded petrol to kill diseased European honey bee colonies.
For many decades, petrol has been used to kill American foulbrood infected colonies in managed hives prior to burning the diseased bees and any infected hive material that is not able to be sterilised. The recently issued permit makes that use of petrol legal provided the conditions of the permit are followed by the user.
The permit requires that anyone who will use unleaded petrol must read, or have read to them, the details and conditions of the permit. Attachment 1 of the permit is a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for unleaded petrol, this should also be read. Unleaded petrol is classified as hazardous and extremely flammable. It is extremely important to remember that a bee smoker in operation has a fire which could ignite petrol.


Disposal of hives

It is important when considering to sell or buy bee hives that you keep potential AFB (and other pests/diseases) in mind AND complete a disposal of hives form available on the Agriculture Victoria website