BRB Membership

Membership of Ballarat Regional Beekeepers Inc.

Membership is paid annually.

Benefits of membership include:-

  • full access to all BRB activities and workshops
  • voting rights
  • access to our resources including books, DVDs, GoPro Camera and Flir Camera.
  • protective equipment bee-suits for adults and children (lend out to members)
  • coverage from our Public Liability Insurance policy
  • eligibility for joining our swarm register  (the quickest way to build up your bee numbers)

The agreed membership charges for 2016-17 were ratified by BRB members at our AGM in August, 2016.



Note…if you join from January to July (inclusive), half fee is applicable.

Payment of subscriptions

  • can be done at our monthly meetings (cash only), or
  • via direct deposit to our bank account.

Follow the directions HERE, for on-line application.


The Application for Membership Form may be downloaded and the completed form taken to the next meeting… download current membership application form (pdf, 91kb).