Bee Removal service…

We have a dedicated group of members who are keen to relocate as many swarms or hive as possible rather than them being exterminated. Our members can be contacted via email, by completion of the form below…

If you have unwanted Bees on your property you want removed, or there are some on public land you think should be removed...

Please complete this form and press the submit button at the end. your information will be sent via email to the Club, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please Note...
a/. Some Bee collections may incur a cost, due to difficulty of removal, or travel required. This can be discussed when you are contacted by a club member.
b/. Not all Bees can be "rescued", and on rare occasions an exterminator may be required.

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Do you have a recently arrived swarm? (usually just a ball of bees attached to a bush or post)

Do you have a resident hive? (usually living inside a tree or building)

How long have the Bees been in their present position?

Please add a description of the Bees location and any other information you think may be relevant. e.g. high in a tree, or in the wall of a building.

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