Bee Removal service…

Bee swarms: – 

If you are aware of a swarm of bees, please email the club at, subject heading “Bee swarm”, and include your name, phone number and the location of the bees. Our swarm coordinator will contact you for further details and arrange for their collection.

Unwanted Bees residing in spaces:-

If you have bees that have established themselves in an inconvenient location, we may have volunteers who are willing to come out and remove them, or you may need to call in a professional. Either way, there will usually be cost for the service. 

 If the bees are easily accessible, such as in a compost bin, nest box, an old weatherboard wall, etc, contact us by email to , subject heading “Removal of Bees”, giving your phone number, location and a brief description of where the bees are. If possible include a photo of where the bees are coming and going. Our swarm coordinator will contact you to discuss the task of removing them.

 If the hive is in a place that makes is difficult to access the bees, such as a brick wall, a second story wall, chimney, eaves, etc, or if the removal is urgent, you are probably better off contacting a professional.

 We recommend:

 Stuart at Sovereign Pest Control, 0490 081 132



Bee Removals Victoria, 0421 885 338

Email –