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Learning the craft of beekeeping is fascinating and worthwhile for yourself and the wider community. However, there is a lot to learn and always many solutions to issues as they arise. This is why joining Ballarat Regional Beekeepers should be the first step on your "beekeeping adventure."

Join as a Member

Joining BRB gives you:

  1. A community of like-minded people to share your passion.
  2. Access to local experienced beekeepers for mentoring and ‘second opinions’ through our Area Groups model. Here is a link to our area map showing roughly the defined areas.
  3. Access to a growing list of online resources through the members’ page of our website. 
  4. Attendance to our general meetings and an opportunity to serve on the committee. 
  5. Free attendance at Open Hives and similar events to improve your knowledge and pick up tips.
  6. Access to the BRB library of books and equipment (suits, Flir and Go Pro cameras) and advice through BRB social media (Facebook and YouTube). 
  7. Eligibility to join the Swarm List in Spring (a good way to increase your apiary).
  8. Membership of the Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association, which is worth $10 of the membership fee. This provides you with insurance for all your beekeeping activities such as opening your hives, collecting swarms, attending BRB meetings, field trips and events. It also covers all products of the hive covered if you sell these, such as honey, propolis, brood, queens and wax. Personal injury is also covered while undertaking beekeeping activities. VRBA have worked hard to obtain this comprehensive insurance especially for beekeepers.

Membership is renewed on the calendar year. Reminders to renew will be sent out towards the end of the year, usually late November - early December for the following January to December year. 

The fee is $20 for Juniors( up to the age of 18), $40 for singles and $60 for families. 

The club operates a pro rata system which takes effect on the second year of your membership.  This means irrespective of when you join initially, you will pay the full membership fee and when your first renewal is due, this will be calculated on a pro rata basis with a minimum of renewal of $10.

Registration and payment for both new and renewing members is managed through our website and payment can be made through direct deposit to our account or through PayPal if that is your preference.